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Warm Blue Digital is a specialist Advertising Agency, helping to build meaningful engagement and quality lead generation for your B2B organisation on LinkedIn.

Kim Verbrugge

I’m Kim Verbrugge – a digital advertising specialist with 15 years experience managing advertising campaigns on publisher platforms.

I work consultatively with Agencies and Marketers to deliver successful advertising campaigns as part of an overall marketing strategy.

Clients range from PR, Marketing & Demand Generation teams in large organisations to Design & Marketing agencies. Together we design, build and deliver successful advertising campaigns on the world’s largest professional network.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can work together please get in touch.

How Warm Blue Digital began

In 2010 I joined the Marketing Solutions team at LinkedIn, and worked with clients and agencies to manage campaigns for global brands for 6 years.

When LinkedIn Advertising became a self service platform, I used my experience and specialist LinkedIn knowledge to help small business owners drive demand for their products and services – and Warm Blue Digital was born.

Current clients include:

HSBC Global Research
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Wolters Kluwer Logo